Who Are We?

Taste, Intelligence, Patience....Do we need to say more?

Dream..a simple word which started our company. A group of young people with big dreams got together to make the dream come true. Unicorn is the physical name of the dream and its real existence.

In Unicorn we believe that only a combination of good taste, intelligent thinking and having good patience can produce something innovative.

We have been following that path and we will. Unicorn has come a long way and won a lot of challenging situations to make its existence stronger.

We are with you.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide world class software solutions for better user satisfaction at lower costs. 


Our Objectives

Our mission is to become one of the top most quality companies in the software world by ensuring quality and generating ideas. We have our primary focus kept on maintaining R & D on the futuristic domains. We are planning to setup several Offshore Development Centers (ODC) around the world through overseas marketing effort in the near future.


Specialization Area

Unicorn has vast experience in working with customized enterprise software development, IT consulting, system integration, website and e-commerce solutions, web application development, offshore application development, mobile application development etc.

Unicorn Team

Unicorn gathered together a strong team of superior management professionals, software architects, system analysts and designers, programming experts, innovative designers, business analysts, finance experts and quality testers with good  professional experience and background.  

Our professionals have good expertise and experience in various industry standards, including PHP, MYSQL, Oracle, MS-SQL, CMS systems like Joomla, Wordpress, OS-Commerce,  Javascript and JQuery, Microsoft Dot Net Framework, codeigniter, C++, Objective C etc.



We would like to get you working for us. You don’t have to come from a Computer Science or Computer Engineering back ground. All you have to be is a smart, technology loving, hard working; professional minded person with some IT related knowledge.