Logimate Freight Forwarding Manager

Freight forwarding business is much complex in nature due to interactions between different involved parties. A lot of interactions occur due to complex nature of this business. It's impossbile to manage such a business without a good software system these days. Logimate is developed to help those companies in this regards.

It will help to …

  • Simplify operational works which includes Job and PO management, cargo receiving and consolidation, container and warehousing management, track and trace, agent, shipper, consignee and local buyer management etc.
  • Import operations management for both ocean and air services.
  • Accounting features with different kinds of invoicing options.
  • Generate various reports including customized reports.
  • Web Portal for customers and administration.
  • Provide notifications and alerts via email and other methods.
  • Reduce turnaround time.
  • Automation of data collection and processing.
  • Ensure business integrity by imposing access control levels.