Finamate:Web Based Accounting

Finamate is a web based 3 tier accounting solution. Different businesses follow different ways for accounting. It’s never easy to implement the perfect accounting solution required for your company. Flexible and robust features in Finamate made it easy to implement in almost every business.

Logimate Freight Forwarding Manager

Due to the complex nature of freight forwarding business, it’s essential for such companies to have good freight forwarding management software for achieving success. Considerable amount of data has to be transferred between different parties for fast efficient operation. Logimate Freight Forwarding Manager helps the companies in automating and speeding up their entire business process and reduces costs to some great extent. 


TotalHRD: Human Resource Management System

Effective management of human resources is essential for success regardless of the size or type of the enterprise. Processing large amounts of data required for integrated and efficient management becomes problematic if done manually or through stand-alone system.

TotalHRD is a web based HR management solution to manage human resource operations smartly. It comes with optional payroll and provident fund modules.

VAT Man: Vat Management Software

Vat management procudure is complex and it requires a lot of actions to ensure proper VAT managenet. VAT Man is developed to ease the inventory management and VAT calculations processes. It is designed to fit the requirements of middle and large scale enterprises.

Unicorn E-Learning Suite

E-Learning is developing a new dimension in learning and training systems. Unicorn has developed a complete and robust E-Learning system to ensure its support towards E-Learning process. Unicorn E-Learning Suite is a secured web based complete training and learning system with flexible and user-friendly interface.  It is designed to fit any size educational institute.