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Engineering excellence hubs - State-of-the-art engineering infrastructure have enabled savings by decreasing enterprise CapEx requirements and efficient utilization of resources.
Portfolio of Accelerators – With over 50+ Technology Platforms and Solutions we have helped customers achieve faster time-to-market & incremental innovation capabilities.
Group Companies & Partnerships – USSBD augments capabilities via group companies & partnerships for well-rounded engineering offerings across Design and Styling.
OptishoreTM Delivery- OptishoreTM delivery provides our clients with proximity & flexibility to select the optimal delivery mix of onsite, off-site, nearshore, & offshore locations.

What We Offer

Robust Products
Engineering superior products and making them ecosystem-ready by fusing elements of connectivity and intelligence.
Ubiquitous Platforms
Capitalizing on modern engineering practices and rising data volumes to enable mass-personalization and drive new business models.
Enabling seamless cyber-physical integration for enhanced visibility, predictability, and productivity across factory operations.