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"Unicorn Education Management System" is a comprehensive educational software solution, streamlining administrative tasks, enhancing communication, and improving learning outcomes. With user-friendly interfaces and robust features, it empowers educators, students, and parents for a more efficient educational experience.

  • Comprehensive educational software for institutions.
  • Optional modules for payroll and provident fund management.
  • Leave and attendance management.
  • Recruitment management.
  • Reduce turnaround time.
  • Automate information collection and processing.
  • Reduce overheads associated with manual record management and storage.
  • Streamlines administrative processes.
  • Enhances communication and learning outcomes.
  • Reduces overhead costs.

unicorn learning suite

E-Learning is developing a new dimension in learning and training systems. Unicorn has developed a complete and robust E-Learning system to ensure its support towards ELearning process. Unicorn E-Learning Suite is a secured web based complete training and learning system with flexible and user-friendly interface. It is designed to fit any size educational institute. It will help to…

  • Simplify complex distant training and learning workflows.
  • Helps to improve educational excellence.
  • Manage the entire distant learning process with ease.
  • Suitable for 100% online classes as well as supplementing face-to-face
  • Course management including complete lecture management, content management (Text, Audio, Video, Slides etc), workshop management, assessment management, lesson management.
  • Online query and counseling management including chat management.
  • Online grading management.
  • Virtual library management.
  • Easy to install on almost any platform that supports PHP.

POSSY - Departmental Store Management System

POSSY is a comprehensive software solution tailored for departmental store management and sales. It offers efficiency, accuracy, and productivity enhancements, empowering store owners to manage their stores effectively while ensuring data security and access to essential store data.

  • Purpose: POSSY is a specialized software designed to streamline and manage the operations of a departmental store, offering a comprehensive solution for efficient store management and sales.
  • Store Management: POSSY provides a range of tools and features for the effective management of a departmental store, including inventory control, employee management, and customer relationship management.
  • Key Features:
    • Inventory Control: It helps in tracking stock levels, restocking, and inventory optimization, reducing stockouts and overstock situations.
    • Point of Sale (POS): POSSY includes a user-friendly POS system for processing sales, managing transactions, and generating receipts.
    • Employee Management: The software aids in scheduling, payroll management, and performance tracking of store employees.
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): It allows for customer data management, loyalty program support, and personalized marketing initiatives.
  • Sales and Analytics: POSSY supports real-time sales tracking and provides in-depth sales analytics, helping store owners make data-driven decisions to improve profitability.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Automation and streamlined workflows within POSSY enhance the efficiency and productivity of store operations. This leads to quicker transactions and improved overall store performance.
  • Accessibility: Users can access the software from various locations, promoting remote management and access to sales data, inventory, and reports.
  • User-Friendly: POSSY is designed with a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to store staff with varying levels of technical expertise. This simplicity encourages rapid adoption and effective use.
  • Customization: The software can be customized to fit the specific needs of a departmental store, allowing for tailored features and reports.
  • Data Security: POSSY prioritizes data security, ensuring that sensitive customer and financial data is protected against unauthorized access, maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of critical information.
  • Support and Updates: The software comes with regular updates and dedicated support to ensure it remains current and functional, providing peace of mind to store owners.

In summary, POSSY is a comprehensive software solution tailored for departmental store management and sales. It offers efficiency, accuracy, and productivity enhancements, empowering store owners to manage their stores effectively while ensuring data security and access to essential store data.


Effective management of human resources is essential for success regardless of the size or type of the enterprise. Processing large amounts of data required for integrated and efficient management becomes problematic if done manually or through stand-alone system.

TotalHRD is a web based HR management solution to manage human resource operations smartly. It comes with optional payroll and provident fund modules.

  • Simplify complex HR management workflows.
  • Payroll management.
  • Leave and attendance management.
  • Recruitment management.
  • Reduce turnaround time.
  • Automate information collection and processing.
  • Reduce overheads associated with manual record management and storage.
  • Facilitate career development planning.
  • Automated analytical tools and real-time information updates.

GLA - Garment Lot Auction

When the garment factories receives huge orders from foreign companies they generally make more garments than the order requirements so that they can maintain the export quality. But when the order is complete the left over garments of the factories are sold as lot. Currently the division of these lots to local market is not supervised and thus the market is not properly maintained.

  • The buying/selling process is shady.
  • Regret for not being able to participate in buying items.

We wanna make a online system/ app where the whole process can be made much easier.

  • Live Auction Experience: The app provides a dynamic and engaging live auction experience where users can view high-quality images and descriptions of garments in real-time. They can see other bidders' activity and place their own bids as the auction unfolds.
  • Diverse Garment Selection: The app showcases a diverse range of clothing products, including designer wear, vintage pieces, casual attire, and more. Users have access to a broad selection of garments to suit their preferences and styles.
  • Bid Responsively: Users can place bids with just a few taps, making it easy to participate in auctions. The app also features an intuitive bidding system that ensures fair competition and an exciting atmosphere.
  • User Profiles: Each user has a customizable profile, allowing them to save favorite garments, track their bidding history, and manage their personal information securely.
  • Real-time Notifications: Users receive real-time notifications to stay updated on auction status, outbid alerts, and auction results. This keeps them engaged and informed throughout the bidding process.
  • Auction Scheduling: The app provides a schedule of upcoming garment auctions, helping users plan their participation and avoid missing out on their favorite items.
  • Customer Support: A dedicated customer support team is available to assist users with any questions or concerns, ensuring a positive shopping experience.

Sheikh Hasina medical university

The Medical University Management Software is a comprehensive and advanced software solution designed to streamline the operations and enhance the efficiency of medical universities. This summary focuses on its implementation at "Sheikh Hasina Medical University," showcasing how the software has revolutionized administrative and academic functions for the institution.

  • Student Management: The software offers robust student management capabilities, enabling Sheikh Hasina Medical University to efficiently manage student records, admissions, and enrollment. It supports digital student profiles and academic progress tracking.
  • Course and Curriculum Management: The software assists in creating, updating, and managing courses and curricula. It enables the university to adapt to changing educational requirements and standards seamlessly.
  • Faculty Management: Sheikh Hasina Medical University can easily handle faculty recruitment, scheduling, and performance evaluations through the software. It also helps in maintaining faculty profiles, qualifications, and research activities.
  • Attendance and Examination Management: The software automates attendance tracking and examination scheduling, reducing administrative workload. It supports online examinations, grading, and result management.
  • Research and Publications: The software aids in managing research projects, publications, and grants. It tracks research progress, facilitates collaboration among researchers, and maintains an extensive research database.
  • Financial Management: With integrated financial modules, the software allows Sheikh Hasina Medical University to manage budgets, grants, fees, and expenses more effectively, ensuring financial transparency and compliance.
  • Hospital and Clinical Management: For institutions with medical facilities, the software streamlines hospital operations, patient records, and clinical scheduling. It enhances the quality of patient care and services.
  • Alumni and Alumni Relations: The software includes an alumni management system that helps Sheikh Hasina Medical University maintain contact with former students and engage them in various university activities.
  • Reporting and Analytics: Robust reporting and analytics tools provide insights into various university functions, allowing administrators to make data-driven decisions and optimize resource allocation.
  • Security and Compliance: The software ensures data security and regulatory compliance, safeguarding sensitive information and maintaining the confidentiality of student and faculty records.
  • Customization and Scalability: The software can be tailored to Sheikh Hasina Medical University's specific needs and scaled as the institution grows.

Overall, the Medical University Management Software has transformed the way Sheikh Hasina Medical University manages its administrative, academic, and healthcare operations. It enhances efficiency, collaboration, and data accuracy, ultimately contributing to the institution's reputation for excellence in medical education and research.

Logimate Freight Forwarding Manager

Due to the complex nature of freight forwarding business, it’s essential for such companies to have good supply chain management software for achieving success. Considerable amount of data has to be transferred between different parties for fast efficient operation. Logimate Supply Chain Manager helps the companies in automating and speeding up their entire business process and reduces costs to some great extent.

  • Simplify operational works which includes Job and PO management, cargo receiving and consolidation management, container and warehousing management, track and trace, agent, shipper, consignee and local buyer management etc.
  • Import operations management for both ocean and air services.
  • Accounting features with different kinds of invoicing options.
  • Generate various reports including customized reports.
  • Web Portal for customers and administration.
  • Provide notifications and alerts via email and other methods.
  • Reduce turnaround time.
  • Automation of data collection and processing.
  • Ensure business integrity by imposing access control levels.

Thakurgaon warehouse management system

The Thakurgaon Warehouse Management System is a robust and integrated software solution designed to efficiently manage food items and vagitable stored in various warehouses, storehouses, and godowns overseen by the District Collector (DC). This summary outlines how the system has revolutionized food storage and distribution in the district.

  • Centralized Inventory Management: The system offers a centralized platform to track and manage the inventory of all food items stored in multiple warehouses, godowns, and storehouses within the district. This ensures better control and visibility.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The DC and authorized personnel can monitor inventory levels, stock movements, and expiration dates in real time, allowing for timely restocking and preventing food wastage.
  • Allocation and Distribution: The system streamlines the allocation of food items to different areas or beneficiaries within the district. It facilitates fair and efficient distribution to those in need, especially during emergencies or relief efforts.
  • Inventory Optimization: The system employs advanced algorithms to optimize inventory levels and reduce carrying costs. It can forecast demand, suggesting when and where to distribute food items.
  • Vendor Management: It helps manage relationships with food suppliers, ensuring timely deliveries and quality control. Vendor performance data can be tracked for evaluation and compliance.
  • Security and Access Control: The system maintains strict access controls to safeguard sensitive food-related data and transaction records. Only authorized personnel can access and make changes to the system.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The system generates detailed reports and analytics on inventory status, distribution patterns, and other key metrics, aiding the DC in making informed decisions and allocating resources efficiently.
  • Compliance and Audit Trails: The software maintains thorough audit trails, ensuring compliance with regulations and providing transparency for any auditing requirements.
  • Mobile Accessibility: The system can be accessed via mobile devices, allowing field agents and inspectors to report on inventory and distribution activities from remote locations.
  • Emergency Response Capability: During emergencies, the system can quickly redirect food resources to affected areas, ensuring a swift and efficient response to disaster situations.

In summary, the District Collector's Warehouse Management System is a pivotal tool for managing and optimizing food item storage and distribution across the district. By enhancing transparency, accuracy, and control over food resources, the system enables the District Collector to better serve the needs of the community, particularly during times of crisis and in regular food distribution programs.

UPMS - Union Porishad Management System

UPMS is a comprehensive software solution that empowers Union Porishads in Bangladesh with tools for efficient management. It enhances transparency, accountability, and productivity, ultimately contributing to the advancement of local government services while maintaining a strong focus on data security and user support.

  • Purpose: UPMS (Union Porishad Management System) is a software developed with the primary objective of facilitating the efficient and organized management of Union Porishads, which are local government bodies in Bangladesh. It acts as a centralized platform for overseeing and coordinating various administrative tasks and functions within a Union Porishad.
  • Comprehensive Management: UPMS serves as a comprehensive management solution, offering tools and features to effectively oversee all aspects of a Union Porishad's operations. This includes the administration of finances, infrastructure projects, citizen services, and employee management.
  • Union Porishad Offices: Within UPMS, users can access specific modules to manage individual Union Porishad offices and departments. This feature ensures that each office functions optimally and contributes to the overall efficiency of the Union Porishad.
  • Key Features: UPMS encompasses a range of key features, including robust financial management capabilities for budgeting, accounting, and generating financial reports. Additionally, it simplifies citizen service delivery, HR and personnel record management, infrastructure project tracking, and provides data analytics tools for data-driven decision-making.
  • Transparency and Accountability: The software fosters transparency and accountability by digitizing and automating processes. It maintains a comprehensive record of all activities and transactions, which can be accessed and audited to ensure the highest level of accountability.
  • Efficiency and Productivity: Through automation and streamlined workflows, UPMS significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of Union Porishad operations. This results in quicker task execution and improved overall performance.
  • Accessibility: UPMS is designed with accessibility in mind, allowing authorized users to access the system from different locations. This supports remote work and data accessibility, ensuring that essential information is available where and when it's needed.
  • Local Government Advancement: UPMS plays a crucial role in advancing the capabilities and services of local government bodies in Bangladesh. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights, Union Porishads can better serve their constituents and improve their overall performance.
  • Data Security: The software places a strong emphasis on data security. It includes robust security measures to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of vital information.
  • Support and Updates: UPMS offers regular updates and dedicated support to ensure that the software remains up-to-date and functional. This ongoing support guarantees that Union Porishads can rely on the system for their administrative needs without disruption.

Logimate Logistics Manager

Due to the complex nature of the business, maintaining a logistics business is never easy. Good logistic management software comes handy in this purpose. Our Logimate Logistics Manager is a complete solution for maintaining a logistic business.

  • Manage daily operations.
  • Vehicle management.
  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Order management.
  • Managing accounting for the business.


Finamate is a web based 3 tier accounting solution. Different business follows different ways for accounting. It’s never easy to implement the perfect accounting solution required for your company. Flexible and robust features in FINAMATE made it easy to implement in almost every business.

  • Simplify complex accounting operations of a company by having different modules for accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory, manufacturing, bank transactions, general ledger etc.
  • Reduce turnaround time.
  • Automation of data collection and processing.
  • Generate various reports including customized reports.
  • Ensure business integrity by imposing access control levels.
  • Manage different kinds of business with great customization feature.
  • Generate different kinds of reports required by a business.

Network Design and Deployment

Our Network Planning Team gives customers a complete understanding of the performance and reliability of their networks. We ensure that your networks deliver profit for you, by offering services that range from planning and designing a network to its evaluation and health assessment. We understand that networks that are carefully designed and planned reduce capital expenditures and deliver the best return on your investments

We provide detailed network specifications, network coverage maps, and special installation requirements together with a complete budgetary plan with each network design. We provide the following services for you.

  • Planning and setting up LAN, WLAN and other network infrastructure.
  • Network router and switches configurations and external connectivity.
  • Point to point and point to multipoint VPN installation and maintenance.
  • Application, web and mail server configuration.
  • Linux based traffic monitoring, bandwidth shaping/management etc.

Network Security Design and Auditing

Unicorn network security team can help you securing your valuable network by auditing valuable network resources, providing a comprehensive plan for security and deploy security solutions in important points of your network. We provide managed network security services along with security consulting services. Our network security experts are always ready to help you.

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We create dynamic, interactive and user-friendly solutions for our global clientele

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